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Minimum Design

Minimum design is a 3D printing studio founded in 2016 by Philippe and Mélisande, born in 1988 and 1990 respectively. Far from being a simple production technique, 3D printing reshapes the very spirit of design, imposing new constraints at the heart of which is born a singular freedom and innovation. Moving with unequalled rapidity from the idea to the object, we work on detail and texture with a precision that owes nothing to the human hand. The material used, a mixture of recycled wood and bioplastic, either black or natural in colour, provides a simple elegance which respects the environment. This ecological conscience is constitutive of 3D printing which, instead of removing materials, adds them, thus limiting the generation of offcuts. Fluid, sculpted lines, minimalist geometries, our studio wants to return to the very essentials of design: an accessible object which adds something to the everyday without degrading it, the essential characteristics of beauty.