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A world where it’s not marketing that makes the rules, where intellectual curiosity and intuition shape tomorrow’s lifestyles. A world where one looks far ahead rather than behind oneself. A world which values transparency and authenticity, entirely focused on the wellbeing of future generations.

With its comprehensive collection, Cinna sets the mood, bringing an atmosphere of modernity to the home thanks to an inspired collaboration with 70 designers from all over the world. A fabulous pool of imagination, creativity and emotion, a concentration of inner richness.

Welcome to the world of Cinna!

Michel Roset


«At Cinna, nothing can replace spontaneity! When it comes to anticipating future lifestyles, following the rules does nothing more than kill creativity.

Cinna perpetuates a kind of tradition of rebellion, of non-conformism which can possibly be traced back to its post-68 origins…»

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«There is no secret to dreaming up solutions which correspond to evolutions in lifestyle! One must be ceaselessly curious, taking interest in people and the way they live, observing change, detecting aspirations almost at the very moment they emerge…»

In order for a brand like Cinna to attract such a variety of talented designers - Didier Gomez, Pascal Mourgue, Peter Maly, Thibault Desombre, Patrick Pagnon et Claude Pelhaitre, Sophie Suchodolski, Christian Werner, François Bauchet ou Eric Jourdan – it must cultivate openness of spirit and eclecticism, it must love to enter a designer’s world and allow a partnership to grow and flourish. Each one has his or her own individual convictions, but together, the 70 Cinna designers share certain values, intelligence, imagination, pertinence, a desire to tempt, to seduce…l’essentiel..

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«Cinna came into being in 1975, at a time when everyone dreamed only of innovative projects of every kind. It was at this point that the rigid codes of the past were shattered, giving a voice to creative types impassioned by the idea of transforming lifestyles.»

In the forefront of the move towards modernity...

«In this great proliferation of innovations, we were constantly on the alert, on permanent creative standby. Today, certain longstanding accomplices – such as Pascal Mourgue - have become stars. As for the stars of tomorrow, we will seek them out in schools of design or the applied arts, all over the world. We consult fashion stylists, architects, professors and plastic artists on a daily basis, hoping to pluck trends from the very air whilst they are still nothing more than intuitions.»