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Bedroom units

Todana - wardrobe Composition

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PRODUCT DESIGN : Modular storage programme with or without door. The full range is offered with height 2.35 m; 2.60 m or choice of 2 heights : 2,35 m ; 2,60 m or “bespoke” between 2,35 m and 2,60 m. Depth: 63 cm. DOORS : The doors are hinged, single (left or right) or double. There are 3 types of doors with the possibility of combining these 3 types in the same composition. - Flat-fronted door finished in a choice of lacquer colours (satin white, argile, perle, platinum grey, plomb, chocolate, black, night blue, moutarde, brique, copper, mahogany brown, sage), - Toughened grey smoked glass door with brown frame, - Door in Steelcut Trio 3 fabric (choice of 50 colours) with brown frame, - Grooved dark walnut veneered door. The brown lacquered aluminium frame is identical for the glass and textile doors. The back of the textile door is in chocolate colour. Doors priced in pairs (two doors in fabric width 140), direction of opening to choice, or priced singly with a supplement to allow for the wastage of fabric. Special hinges set into the top and bottom of the unit, with no hinges on the side panel. Choice of 3 heights: 235 and 260 cm, with the possibility of a “bespoke” height between 235 and 260 cm. The aluminium handles are in the same brown colour as the glass and textile door frames. 15 x 15 section, H 96 cm, screwed to the door, with lateral handhold in top section. The handle is identical across all doors. STRUCTURE : The range is composed of single and double bays that can be cut in height and niches that can be cut in width and in height, or a corner bay for the version without door. For the wardrobe, each chest has a top, a bottom, two sides and a back. For the dressing also, but in the case of two superimposed chests, we will use an intermediate side. Whatever the version, with or without door, the niches have their own sides. FINISHES : The structure is available in white or chocolate lacquer. It is possible to have the end panels (exterior face + edges) in the same colour as the door, in the choice of the 13 lacquer colours mentioned above, or in grooved dark walnut veneer. The back can be in white or chocolate lacquer or dark walnut decor or natural oak decor. The edges of the chocolate shelves can be either in chocolate lacquer or dark walnut decor and the edges of the white shelves either in white lacquer or natural oak decor.