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Slatted bases Slatted base - with double slats with articulated supports

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Frame in solid beech and sanded un-varnished plywood (anti allergenic and environmentally friendly). Double slats are in carbon-coloured beech multi-ply and are mounted onto flexible articulated supports that are very durable. For better support, the centre portion has slats that are linked to each other by rubber webbing. At shoulder level, support fixings have a variable depth support system: This helps the blood circulation, and helps avoid shoulder and neck tension, which is particularly important for those who sleep on their sides. Each slat in the central zone (back and pelvis) is reinforced by a second slat. In this case the lower slats are equipped with two runners which allow individual setting for softness/firmness, whilst the top slats retain their individual suppleness. The overall height has been reduced as far as possible (6,5 cm) to ensure the best fit across almost all types of bed.

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