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Karuma Sideboard

Base in whitened oak veneer. Chest and doors in black-stained veneer. No handle, push-catch system. The internal dimensions behind each side door (right and left) are L43 cm – D 37 cm with 1 shelf in mid-height H 17.7 cm. The internal dimensions behind the 2 central doors are L 86 cm – D 37 cm with 1 shelf in mid-height H 17.7 cm.

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Eric Jourdan : ''The Karuma range has been designed to get closer to an economical script around the work on proportions and a choice of very pure materials. We can feel close to Japanese architecture or furniture designed by Jean Michel Franck. Overlays and recesses replace woodwork details, raw steel substitutes to sophisticated wood species. The formal simplicity of the whole is a sign, an appeal to go to the essential.''

Dimension & weight

Height 700 mm

Width 1,900 mm

Depth 400 mm

Weight 81 kg

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