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By superposing the two objects (a craftsman-made brass mesh sphere and a sphere of the same dimensions in opaline glass) one obtains a vase topped with a grid through which one could thread flowers, enabling one to make some really creative arrangements. Individually, each object can also be a table lamp, with the opaline diffusing a soft, uniform light and the mesh projecting its shadow in a highly decorative fashion (see lighting chapter). Vase with base in opaline glass (H 22 Ø 24 cm) topped with an Epoxy matt brass lacquered steel wire mesh. Vase with opaline base (Ø 24 cm / H 22 cm) topped with a grille in satin-finish clear varnished silver-plated brass wire.

Dimension & weight

Height 420 mm

Diameter 240 mm

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